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It’s been a while since I wore overalls, so I was nervous to pick them up again. But once I tried these adorable overalls, I did not want to take them off!

These overalls are so cute and comfy and made sense. When I was confronted by the obstacles.

How to wear Overall Shorts ? What to wear with Overall Shorts

Again, I love how adorable these overall shorts were and I didn’t want to overdue it. So here are a couple ways to style these cute overall shorts for women.

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First. A cute and lacy bralette or bra. I love how simple and cute this look is. It’s the perfect way to feel cute and be lazy about it. I see this perfect for those weekend mornings when you just want to grab your coffee and head home. This is that look. 


 cute outfits with overalls shorts | lace bralette and blue cotton overalls

Second. Off the top ruffle shirt. This look is super cute and lightweight. I love the ruffle design in this top to accent the overalls. Finish the look with a cute studded sandals and you’re good to go.


cute outfits with overalls shorts | black girl in an off-shoulder top with ruffle short sleeves

Third. Ruffle Sleeve Blouse or Button up top. This linen top pairs comfortably with the overalls. I just like the combination of the two. It’s a relaxed yet sophisticated look. I’d probably wear this if I’m heading out to lunch.

 cute outfits with overalls shorts | ruffle sleeve top and blue cotton overalls shorts

Fourth. Bathing Suit. Ok, this is a given but still wanted to share this one. If you’re like me, I like the beach and plan to go but may not want to get wet. So, rather than wear a coverup, I like these lightweight overalls for that reason. Very flattering and great for a summer day.

 Your Turn?

 How would you wear Overall Shorts ? Which Overall Outfit idea do you like?

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