10 Easy Date Night Ideas for the Winter Weather

Date Night during the Winter is difficult, but whether you're the type who likes to snuggle by the Fireplace or Hike a scenic winter trail, there is something for you to try.

I’ve complied a list of 10 EASY Date nights for you to try:

  • Go Ice Skating
  • Holiday Classics and Hot Chocolate by a Warm Fire ( I have a great recipe of a grown up hot chocolate that you would love!)
  • Catch a Play! Now, it doesn’t have to be broadway! Your town probably has a holiday number that the two of you can watch!
  • Soak in a Hot Tub or a Bathtub ;) (If you’re a DIY junkie, I’ve got something for you - https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/news/a43898/diy-stock-tank-hot-tub/)
  • Go Hiking through a Scenic Route
  • Rent a cabin for the weekend. Apps like Groupons are great at snagging deals for a weekend getaway!
  • Bring back your favorite boardgame or gift exchange on a gift that was memorable during your childhood
  • Volunteer together
  • Catch a Game (NBA vs Hockey?)
  • Visit the Museum

Need a winter look? Well, I've got something in store for you!

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