5 Simple Fall-Inspired Date Night Ideas

5 Simple Fall-Inspired Date Ideas for You to Try

Valerie Adj 

A fashionista and Boutique Owner of Tiana Bay who enjoys romance and whimsical things...

Can you believe it’s already November ?!?!

Which in Boston, means cold mornings, cool afternoon and even colder nights. And often times, I’m tempting to want to stay in because it’s so cold. So date night takes some creativity, especially outdoor date nights.

So, as I started to plan my date nights I thought I’d share these fun ideas in case you wanted to know what to do.

- [ ] Go on a haunted house tour or a haunted cruise. Perfect for Halloween being next week.

- [ ] Watch a favorite scary movie that you found outrageously funny with PSL or Cider

- [ ] Go Apple Picking with Wine Tasting. Nashoba Valley Winery is pretty well-known around Boston.

- [ ] Home cooked Candlelight dinner with your favorite Fall Inspired Cocktails

- [ ] Go on a hiking trail through some of the fall foliage

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