How To Be More Feminine When It Comes to Dating

How To Be More Feminine When It Comes to Dating

Femininity and masculinity are often seen as opposing forces, but in truth, these two traits were meant to complement one another beautifully. Understanding and exploring the dance between these two elements can be especially enlightening in the world of dating. If you're a woman seeking to attract a masculine man, tapping into your femininity may just be the key to creating that spark and creating a deep connection and ultimately attracting the man of your dreams

Understanding Femininity and How it Relates to Dating

The prevailing ideology is that each of us harbors a blend of both feminine and masculine characteristics – or energies. And while that may seem true, especially if you’re trying to sell a course, the reality is we are inherently feminine or masculine by birth. And it’s our environments that nurtures or influences our personality and what traits should come out

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, the prevailing conversations in TV shows, music and movies had always preached the same message for women.

“I’m a girl, I can do anything a boy can,”

“I don’t need to wait for him to make the first move, I’ll do it,”

“I don’t need a man, I’m Miss Independent”

So it’s not surprising that these characteristics come into dating.

But here’s the good part. You are inherently feminine as a woman.

And at its core, femininity is not about weakness or subservience—rather, it's a powerful force that emanates warmth, kindness, and compassion. It's about leveraging the unique qualities that make you a woman to foster a relationship that's filled with passion and respect, a nurturing sanctuary from the world. And God created you that way.

The next question is, ok, so how do I be more feminine if I am inherently feminine?

Well the fastest and easiest way to do is this, dress more feminine.

Remember the concept of a vision board? Well, it uses a concenpt called visualization.

By creating a mental picture, our brain will look for ways to confirm the mental picture we created in our mind.

So, when you dress more feminine in a manner that accentuates your bodytype and stand in the mirror, you create a visual picture of a more feminine you.

Your brain sees that image of a feminine you and works on making that image a reality by looking for opportunities to prove you are a feminine woman.

And this is why feminine energy courses that focuses on developing feminine traits are not successful because these are traits that you likely possess but not often use. But in congruent with a more feminine version of you, these traits come out naturally.

And this makes for a more confident and attractive version of yourself and puts you in a position to attract a partner.

Ok, now let’s get back to the article

Attracting the Right Partner

Femininity can be a magnetic force in the world of romance. When a woman leverages her feminine qualities, she may find that she naturally draws interest from potential partners who appreciate these characteristics. By exploring how to feel more feminine, you may discover a pathway to attracting someone who aligns with your ideals and values.

Likewise, if you've found yourself in a cycle of attracting partners that don’t align with what you’re looking for, it may be time to reflect on what you're projecting.

Now, let’s talk practical advice you can use to amplify your femininity in dating to captivate the masculine man you desire.

In the context of dating and relationships, feminine traits can often light the way to stronger, more intimate bonds. What's considered "feminine" is expansive and can encompass a range of attributes from nurturing to empathy, all contributing to the art of building meaningful connections.

Practical Tips for Enhancing Femininity

 Embrace Softness and Compassion

Contrary to the assertive, bold traits often ascribed to masculinity, femininity embodies a gentler, more tender approach.

First, appear softer with your presentation. Opt for gentle makeup, accentuating your feminine features and opt for soft colors and fabrics when it comes to what you wear to appear soft.

Adopt a soft posture, avoid crossing your arms but sit straight up, have a gentle smile on your face while listening to your date.

On your dates, actively listen, respect their opinions, and share yours with that’s natural to you. You don’t have to speak softly because that’s what you heard or watch, rather speak intentional and directly.

Disagreements may arise, but they’re an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to handle conflict with poise. Speak your mind calmly, lead with your softness, and don’t shy away from showing vulnerability—it's a strength, not a failing.

Engage with genuine warmth and kindness, and focus on being nice to your date. Respect him and his time.

When faced with decisions or differing opinions, voice your thoughts with a tone that is both gentle and assertive.

Allow Your Date to Take the Lead

Remember when I mentioned that masculinity and femininity are complementary. Well, this is where the complementary dance takes into effect

When a feminine woman is on a date, she expects the masculine man she is on the date with to lead. And so she does so carefully with questions and compliments.

And I understand in this era, it’s not so common for woman to find men who will take the initiate, but ladies they are out there. In fact, I find that there are many men willing and wanting to take the lead.

But not all are deserving of it, so use common sense. And without compromising your values or decision-making power, consider moments when yielding can be beneficial.

And often times the fear of being lead by the wrong person – or if they are not doing something our way – we take back the lead.

Rather than take back the lead, step back and allow him room and grace to do so. It's not about losing autonomy but rather about creating a dynamic where both partners can showcase their strengths.

Now, I want to stress that giving him the lead does not forfeit your common sense. If it seems off, speak up.

Act With Grace

A feminine woman has elegance, poise, and plenty of grace. Strive to be polite and kind, especially in response to chivalrous acts.

And often times, this is the hardest one because western women are raised to be independent and go-getters. So being receptive and being thankful is often the hardest and overlooked thing to do when it comes to relationship

Speak kindly of others, and treat others graciously. At dinner, interact with the waiter, host and staff with kindness and grace.

When a date opens a door for you or lends you a jacket, recognize these gestures as acts of care and respond with kindness. It’s not about the act itself but their intention to treat you with consideration and respect.

And happily accepting gifts and allowing yourself to be treated.

And here’s the thing, being feminine, gracious and kinds will attract more gifts. So, if you’re not receiving any gifts yet, it’ll happen the more feminine traits you start to exhibit.

Appear More Feminine

Finally, look more feminine and soft. Spend extra time pampering yourself before the date so that you can look and feel your absolute best!

Stick to a classically feminine aesthetic: soft makeup, pastel colors, and clothes that flaunt your curves and accentuate your womanly figure. 

Rosy cheeks, glossy lips, soft curls or braids will go a long way. Look for clothes with traditionally feminine details that highlight your narrow waist and the curve of your hips. And the beauty about this is we have an entire collection dedicated to finding styles to enhance your feminine figure.

Unleash Your Femininity and Enrich Your Love Life

Each woman is inherently feminine and once you open up and allow your femininity to come out, it becomes a power that, when wielded with confidence and self-assuredness, can create rich, fulfilling romantic connections.

But it has to be natural to you.  Your feminine qualities are treasures to cherish and share in a relationship. By being true to yourself and engaging your feminine nature, you'll not only attract the right partner but also lay the foundation for a love that's deeply satisfying and loving that it overflows and touches others.

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