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Based out of Boston, our styles are carefully vetted and inspected at our location prior to being shipped to you to ensure quality with every order

Black Owned & Family Operated

We are a proud family owned business with a focus on delivering high quality styles to uplift woman who strive to live a more feminine lifestyle. Our goal isn't to sell fast fashion but provide you with timeless styles that will elevate your status and have you feeling amazing, beautiful, and confident!

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We offer free shipping on all orders and 30-day postage paid return shippings. On orders over $199, we upgrade your shipping to priority

No More Wasting time to appear more feminine and classy
We believe that embracing your femininity is not only empowering, but a key factor in achieving your best life. According to recent studies, women who embrace their femininity are more likely to have better financial situations, personal health, general happiness, and overall life satisfaction. At Tiana Bay, we offer a carefully curated selection of quality clothes that will help you feel confident and poised for success. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we're here to help you invest it in yourself, rather than spending hours on other websites for cheap clothes. Let us take care of the clothes, so you can focus on your inner journey towards a fulfilling life.
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"I changed my wardrobe because I wanted to be a certain type of woman...And since doing so, I received better responses and because of that I’m in better environments. I’ve noticed certain groups of men approach me now that didn’t before..."

Truer Words Never Been Spoken

Most woman who want to appear more feminine and classy struggle to find quality feminine clothes. At Tiana Bay, we specialize in curating a collection of high quality feminine women clothing so that you can look more feminine, feel more confident and stand apart from the crowd.