We wanted to create a different kind of brand...

I started Tiana Bay in 2018 with my sister, Vicky

We were inspired to create a brand that celebrates the other kind of black women. As black women ourselves, we noticed a gap in the fashion industry, where black women were often portrayed as strong, assertive, strong-willed, and independent. Almost to a fault.

And while these qualities seem admirable, we wanted to highlight the other kind of black women – the soft, delicate, and feminine. Like us, women who believe in embracing traditional values of being loving daughters, wives and nurturing mothers. And so, Tiana Bay was born to redefine the narrative, showcasing black women as classy, elegant, and beautifully feminine.

Breaking Stereotypes

One Classy Outfit at a Time

Growing up, we weren’t the stereotypical black girls.

Our parents were immigrants so we weren't immersed in the black American culture.

We didn’t know lingo.

We didn’t grow up in the projects.

But we had a deep love for God in our house and love for the classics (ie Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, Motown, and so much more)

I wasn't a big fan of trends and loved dressing up, ribbons, being soft and feminine and girly.

But in high school, I learned the painful isolating truth about not following trends. And despite trying to fit in by adopting trends, I felt invisible trying to be just like everyone else.

Thankfully, college happened. I met Jesus, and as my relationship with Him grew, so did my identity.

And I fell back in love with dressing up, being feminine and girly. And been blessed to build a community around this.

I Will Praise You Because I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139:14

We're not here to sell stuff but share the truth that set us free.

A truth that has touched many women.

That you are fearfully and wonderfully made on purpose for a purpose.

With each order we hand write notes, we share encouraging stories of people and empowering them to be seen. We invest in only the highest quality because when you feel good about what you wear, you aren't afraid to show up boldly.

And because we love sharing encouragement through fashion, we also invest 10% off our profit to brands that empower and encourage others