Power of Femininity when it Comes to Dating

Power of Femininity when it Comes to Dating 

When it comes to dating, being a more feminine woman is not just about personal growth.

Or unlock your 'feminine energy' through activities and hobbies.

It is also about how you present yourself to the world.

Let's face it: we all know women who are nurturing and kind, yet you wouldn't know they were feminine.


Because looks matter.

So, softies, it's time to embrace your femininity with confidence.

Especially on those enchanting date nights.

The Art of Being Fiercely Feminine Woman 

I heard a story about a young maiden in the 1800s.

She and her traveling companion were walking by a group of young gentlemen. When she dropped her handkerchief.

Thankfully, one young man noticed the young maiden drop the handkerchief. He it picked it up, and ran after her.

And when he finally caught up to her and her traveling companion, he smiled. And it was love at first sight.

After the loving couple wedded, friends wanted to know how they met.

The husband shared the harrowing story of him returning the handkerchief back to her.

Meanwhile, the wife shared a different story with her friends, privately. She shared how she saw him weeks prior. And observed him.

And when the time was right, dressed up in her best she dropped her handkerchief.

And the rest is history.

I love this story it shows how a feminine woman can guide the relationship.

Being a feminine woman in the dating world can feel like a balancing act.

But there are 3 good points we can take from this story that can make a big difference in your dating life.

  1. Know your worth. I cannot overemphasize this enough. Learn and love about yourself. What do you want or don't want, especially when it comes to relationships. Visualize the kind of class woman you want to be and move toward her. And remember, no person can complete you. And for my Christian softies, this is especially true. Remember that e are complete in Jesus. Once sinners, but accepting that Jesus died for our sins and in him we are redeemed.

  2. Settle for Only What You're Worth, and Nothing Less. Just like in the case of the story for the young maiden, when she sees the man she wants - she goes after it. Now, this is not the same as making the first move. Hear me clearly, men are the pursuers. They're wired that way.

    That being said, you can place yourself in position to be pursed. And this could look like grabbing dinner at one of the hotels downtown in financial district. Alone.

    Or choosing to attend a work related conference, networking event, or a church event. Think about the men you want to meet, where do they frequent and go there. With a friend or alone. Being strategic with your effort.

  3. Dress Your Worth. In the world of dating and relationships, first impressions are crucial. They set the tone for what's to come. So Dress Your Worth. And no, this isn't adorned in brand name. That may set the wrong impression, but rather dress appropriately yet distinctively. When it comes to dressing your worth, your clothes should has three goals.

    • Give You Confident

    • Set the Expectation

    • Help You Stand Apart.

For example, if you're going to grab coffee downtown, a classy tweed dress or blazer romper is perfect. Rather than the blouse and jeans that everyone else is wearing.
Or let's say you're going out for dinner. Rather than wear the little black dress, choose a red dress for a bold dinner look. Remember, the goal is to get you noticed, and your personality and charm will do the rest.

That's why our Classy Date Night Collection is has been our top selling collection. Our collection is more than just cute clothes. It's your silent introduction, boasting about your standards and your dreams.

We hand-selected each piece in our collection to bring out your femininity.

Making you not seen but remembered.

And that's why other women like you are raving about our collection.

As you navigate the dating scene, let our Classy Date Night Collection be part of your armor.

Helping you become the woman who attracts the love and respect she deserves.

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