How do you make yourself feel better on days you feel ugly?

How do you make yourself feel better on days you feel ugly?

Someone asked this question in a forum, and it jumped out to me.

How many days have you felt that? Ugly, insecure? Unqualified.

Well, let's start by saying you're not ugly or unqualified!

One of the most common answers to this question was to put some makeup on and dress up in your favorite outfits. Or how we like to call it, a glam day.

Many studies demonstrate the power of dressing up and how elevated you are in the eyes of others by choosing to dress up.

One example that comes to mind is Cinderella.

Yes, I said Cinderella. Before you roll your eyes, hear out my point. Before she met her prince, her fairy godmother gave her a gown. Sure, she stands out but I see it differently. I think it’s dressing up in a glamorous dress that brought out the confidence to attract a price.

If you think back to the last time you dressed up, how did it make you feel? Confident? Beautiful? Fearless? 

It’s so easy to feel ugly, discouraged, and defeated. However, the best way to counteract that feeling is to dress up. It's one of the reasons why I started our clothing brand. We wanted to help woman feel powerful and beautiful in what they wear. 


So, I hope that tomorrow you don on your best outfit and throw on some makeup and rock the day! You own it!

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