7 Easy Way to Wear Leather Shorts

7 Easy Way to Wear Leather Shorts

How to Wear Leather Shorts, and have fun with it!


Leather Shorts are timeless pieces, perfect for warmer or cooler weathers.

In theory, these shorts are adorable but may not appear practical. In the summer heat, wearing leather is cringe-worthy, and wearing shorts in the winter is insanity. 

So, when I got my first pair and begun styling, I realized that there are so many different looks and styles. Wear in the winter or summer, and still had heads turning and compliments flowing. 

So, here are 7 easy styles that can get you started on


- Look 1 : White Tee and Strappy Heels

Let's start off with something easy, and little effort.  I love how this look is pulled together. A simple tank top, leather shorts and you're heals for a date night to remember!

- Look 2: Long Trench, Sweater and Knee-High Boots

One of my new favorite looks is the long trench coats. Especially during the colder months. So one way to style leather shorts is by throwing on your favorite sweater, knee-high boots and a long classic trench coat


- Look 3: Classic Shirt and Converses

Casual. Stripes and Sneakers. A simple way to take a fashionable statement and make it your own

- Look 4: Chambray and Loafers 

Chambray and Loafers. One of the great things about leather shorts is the versatility. It's truly an all season piece. So, in warmer months a lightweight chambray and your cozy flats or loafers and you've got a simple but stylish look.


- Look 5: Silk Blouse and Heels

Pair a silk blouse with a high waisted shorts and heels for an upscale look



- Look 6: Trench Coat, Sweaters, and Thigh-High Boots

Back to Winter with this look. Again, we're watching the long trench cardigan which provides an elegant edge. An upscale look. However, the introduction of thigh-high boots takes on a new winter edge


 Look 7: Long Sleeve White Blouse and Flats

Lastly, pairing with a simple white blouse and your favorite sandals.


Leather shorts are fun, sexy and chic, and everyone should have one. They're perfect for those moments when you want to look good without little effort. 

Pick up a pair and get started!

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