Can I Wear a Mini Skirt after 40? 50? 60?

Ok, so can you wear a mini skirt after turning 40? 50? 60?

Short Answer - Yes, Yes, YES!


Long Answer -

Why not?

I recently came across an article about an online blogger who did her own mini experiment. She would ask friends, family, even strangers who wore a mini skirt or a mini dresses, why did they wear it?

And though the answers were varied, the root of the it all was how the outfit made them feel.

So, the answer to the question isn’t if you can, it’s how do you feel about it?

As an online store owner and a woman in her 30s, venturing into her own unique style, I simply love my mini skirts and dresses. They’re an extension of me. My friends, not so much, but I love the way I feel dressed in one. And that itself makes the outfits shine.

If you have a miniskirt that you love to wear, wear it. If you have a short dress you love to wear, wear it.

Now, of course, there are guidelines to help when choosing to wear a mini skirt or dress. Here are 3 helpful tips to consider:

  1. Pick one area to accentuate, and if you’re wearing a mini skirt/mini dress, that’s it. Styling it with a high-neck top or sweater will elevate the look and make it not look like you’re going to a club.
  2. Now understand I was talking about miniskirts/minidresses. There is a good rule of thumb to follow. Your skirt shouldn’t be shorter than the tips of your fingertips if your hands are at your sides.
  3. Keep your heels short!

And lastly, have fun!

Let me know what you think! Rock on!

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