Introducing Luxury Loungewear for Women

When we received this shipment, I was excited. I was looking for an alternative to my constant pilling leggings – a causal elegant look. I had tried sweats and just hated how it looked and how I felt in them.

This material was very comfortable and the slit pockets on the side came in handy. It reminded me of one of my favorite pajama pants that I just wanted to live in all day.

And the fit was perfect. From just having a baby in January, I was looking for something cute and comfortable that would adjust as my body recovered and these joggers met that goal. And honestly, to have something that I could wear and fit that wasn’t oversized nearly tears to my eyes!

My only con is that I wish there was different colors. Another con is the potential of having your underwear come through so being mindful in what sort of underwear you’re wearing.

But otherwise, I’m keeping these!

Stylish Lounge Wear for Outside
Stylish Lounge Wear Outfit

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