4 Elegant Holiday Outfit that Will Have You Looking and Feeling Irresistible, Sexy and Classy this Holiday Season

4 Elegant Holiday Outfit that Will Have You Looking and Feeling Irresistible, Sexy and Classy this Holiday Season

I know I'm not the only one who dreaded the holiday work party invites. 

As an introvert, the idea of going to an event to socialize and connect with my work colleagues - who I wasn't close with, by the way - wasn't fun. I just envisioned an awkward night of me trying to make small talk, running out of things to say, and having the person I'm talking to wander to someone else a little more exciting slowly...

So, if you're anything like me, you'll appreciate this tip that has helped me. Dress up. 

For me, dressing up gave me that extra boost of confidence. And that confidence translated into being the first one to make eye contact and say hi, start small talk, and meet new people. You see, what I hated the most about these events was being visible. So, I would feel insecure and retreat. But by dressing up, I am confidently taking the spotlight.

So, I encourage you to dress up this season. And to help with that, we have compiled a list of styles that complement your body type. 

Look 1 - Elegant Red Midi Dress

This Elegant Red Midi Dress is perfect for the hourglass figure, as the figure-hugging silhouette will accentuate your natural curves. The asymmetrical one-shoulder design can also be flattering for pear-shaped and as well as inverse-triangle bodies. For the pear-shaped, this dress will draw attention upward and balancing out wider hips. Additionally, the ruffle detailing adds volume which can be beneficial for rectangle body types, giving the illusion of curves.

Look 2 - Rosey Red Mini Dress:

The sweetheart neckline and contouring cut of this red mini dress are ideal for busty body types, as they can enhance the décolletage area while providing support. The puff sleeves and cut-outs can add structure to the shoulder area, which can be flattering for apple-shaped figures, drawing attention to the legs and away from the midsection. The overall silhouette could also complement an hourglass figure by highlighting the waist.

Look 3 - Emerald Green Bodycon Dress with Side Slit:

This bodycon dress are typically an excellent choice for those with an hourglass shape, as they follow the body's natural curves. The side slit adds a touch of allure and can make the legs appear longer, which is a plus for petite figures. The mock neck and long sleeves add a sophisticated touch that can elongate the frame, making this dress suitable for rectangle body types as well, as it can create the illusion of curves



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